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best vendors for your weddingBest Vendors for Your Wedding

Finding the best vendors for your wedding can be tricky! These 6 tips are a guide to help you navigate hiring the best vendors for your wedding. You are essentially planning a big party, with a lot of people contributing to it. It can be overwhelming, and more times than I care to admit, I have heard horror stories about everything to florists, to bakers, DJs and venues to {gasp!} photographers. You don’t want that to be you! To help you make the best decisions possible, here are a few tips from my experience both as a bride and as an industry professional.


Have one!

Promise me now, you will not hire any vendor without signing a contract. A contract you have read and understand. This piece of paper isn’t there to just protect the business owner; it’s there to protect you too. It sets the expectations for both parties to come together and do business. The wedding industry is made up mainly of self-employed individuals, and if you know the ‘right’ person, you might get a great discount {yay you!}, but don’t hire them if there isn’t even a whisper of a contract. That contract holds them accountable for their services to you and outlines payment, among other things.
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Mommy & Me

These mommy & me sessions have been nothing but gorgeous. And they are so simple! A lace teepee, flowers, a blanket. You add my amazing clients and the sun, and blow me over, these mommy & me sessions are stunning!!!

The Blanchards

The mom, Kat, is one of my coaches at the my crossfit box. She leads a life that is crazy busy, not only running a small business, she trains every day, has two children who do sports, among other things. For her it’s not about having a magical moment of time reveal itself as free for photos. Nope, this busy mom a few days before, was able to make the time for the session.

Fun story: Kat’s husband was there {and helped setup the teepee, thank you!!}. While we were doing pictures, he was hanging out in the shrubs to the side, found a perfectly good woman’s shoe and decided to go looking for anything else. He convinced us he had found a body {he didn’t}! So now we have this mystery: what woman left this brand new, beautiful show behind in the bushes??

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Unicorns & Cosmo?

It’s a little strange but a little cool that this unicorn themed maternity session has been shared on Cosmo {among other places!}. In fact it blew my mind!! Thus, when I sent this styled shoot to PopSugar for possible publication, I was thinking how fun it would be to on their site–it’s a fun, bright site that I go to for inspiration and light-hearted stories. And they accepted it! Which was amazing all in itself, but it caught the attention of RedBook, Cosmo and Yahoo and was shared in a whole bunch of different places. I feel everyone fell in love the story behind these images, plus unicorn themes are kind of awesome.

The Story

Emma and Spencer not only had challenges in conceiving {Emma has polycystic ovary syndrome}, but conceiving a girl was also a surprise. Spencer’s side of the family hasn’t had a girl in three generations. Their friend Staci {who is also a good friend of mine} wanted to celebrate this unique daughter, and threw herself into designing this session. Both Emma and Spencer are fun-loving and enjoyed the idea of having the session unicorn-themed. So embracing how unique their daughter Penelope was, a purple unicorn session was designed!

For those interested, Penelope was born healthy and happy, and the family is settling in nicely!

The Vendors

Any shoot is nothing without its vendors, and this team was amazing!

Furniture/Rentals: Eastlake Events
Planning/Design: Laced With Grace
Caligraphy/Prints: The Sensible Type
Sweets: Wink by Erica
Balloons: Big Ass Balloons
Paper Florals: Alaan Studios
Floral Crown: Bramble & Bee
HAMU: Twisted Couture

Unicorn Cosmo Feature

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Introducing Crystal & Kenneth

This engagement session with Crystal & Kenneth was like no other that I have photographed. Kenneth is a chef and he loves to cook for Crystal. They have a special ritual where they come together on Monday nights and break bread together, share their lives and catch-up because they are so busy. You see Crystal is a news producer and has crazy hours, just like Kenneth does being a chef. Their crazy hours don’t match, so when they get time off together, it’s special.

When it came time to plan the engagement session there was a strong consensus: a home cooked meal by Kenneth. A meal that is special, where Crystal would contribute and romantic pictures would be captured. It was perfect.

The Engagement Session

Kenneth planned this delicious dinner. He likes to think of the food he prepares as creating an endgame with flavor notes for the person eating it. When Crystal sent over the menu, as a foodie, I about fell out of my desk chair! And possibly excitedly wrote to another foodie friend about how delicious this engagement session was going to be.

Since this wasn’t your average engagement session, everything was done in stages. From making the homemade pasta, to finishing the last course. The best thing about this session though? These two are obvious best friends, partners for life. They exude happiness and a deep love for each other. It was truly a blessing to be invited into their home to witness their special Monday night ritual.

Houston engagement photographerHouston engagement photographer

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