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This family is bursting with joy and love. Their energy is infectious and capturng their different sides was a huge pleasure on my part. One daughter is your typical tomboy–loves basketball, the Texans and hates anything dressy. The fact that she came in a dress, with her hair curled was nothing short of astounding–in a great way! She looked beautiful. The other daughter is a cheerleader, but also smart, playful and fun. Their mother, someone who I go to CrossFit with, is the epitome of strength and softness. She is gorgeous inside and out and these pictures capture both her sides. I love how this family loves each other because of their differences.

Please enjoy this session as much as I do, because I am in love!

Jill and Reds-4 web

Jill and Reds-7 web

Jill and Reds-12 web

Jill and Reds-14 web

Jill and Reds-18 web

Jill and Reds-38 web

Jill and Reds-19 web

Jill and Reds-21 web

Jill and Reds-22 web

Jill and Reds-29 web

Jill and Reds-31 web

Jill and Reds-32 web

Jill and Reds-37 web

Jill and Reds-34 web

Love this photo session and you want to do one with me? Contact me! My website, with more pictures and pricing information is located here, or drop me an email at christine@cwrightphotographyhouston.com

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I have joined a group called “The Stories we Tell” from a workshop I was part of. On a monthly basis I will now be documenting parts of my life. This past weekend was the 5 year anniversary of my husband and I meeting in person and recreated our first weekend together. Below are my favourite images from the weekend, and if you want to see the rest, they are here.

blog 5 year anniversary1

blog 5 year anniversary17

blog 5 year anniversary21

blog 5 year anniversary24

blog 5 year anniversary27

blog 5 year anniversary37

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On July 12th 5th Gear CrossFit hosted a gaggle of incredibly strong, determined mothers for a mom-only competition. I was lucky enough to be there to capture the big day. There were three WOD’s, a dad WOD and there was a tie, so an extra WOD was thrown in there to decide the winners! It was a long day, but by 3pm, the winners were crowned. The slide show below captures the amazing moments these mothers had.

I hope to be invited back next year for their third My Mommy is Stronger than Your Mommy competition!

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Recently I did a workshop called “Telling Stories with Lifestyle Photography” and I was asked to pic ten pictures that took during the 6 weeks I was doing the workshop, whether they were for the workshop or for something else. Below are the ones I chose as my favourites. It was tough. I took a lot of pictures, one for another workshop. I hope you like them as much as I do.

One and Done1

Leading Lines1

Back Light w Open Shade2

Back Light Sharp1

Backlight Framing2


Teasers Mommy 5th Gear3

Ashley_SJ_website13 bnw

Sun Down2



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Ashley is one of my best friends and when her and her husband Sanjay came to visit we took the opportunity to capture some pictures of them being together. They expressed that they didn’t want anything too “posy”, so we decided a trip to Target to find supplies for a delicious and healthy breakfast. Starbucks might have also happened before the eggs were brought home to be eaten.

They are a great couple, you can feel the love between them and it was a pleasure being able to capture their quite but passionate love.

Ashley_SJ_website17_1 bnw logo

Ashley_SJ_website19 bnw logo

Ashley_SJ_website22_1 logo

Ashley_SJ_website33 logo

Ashley_SJ_website28 bnw logo

Ashley_SJ_website36 logo

Ashley_SJ_website37 logo

Ashley_SJ_website38 logo

Ashley_SJ_website43 logo

Ashley_SJ_website45 logo

Ashley_SJ_website46 logo

Ashley_SJ_website1 logo

Ashley_SJ_website3 logo

Ashley_SJ_website5 logo

Ashley_SJ_website8 logo

Ashley_SJ_website13 bnw logo

Ashley_SJ_website14 logo

Ashley_SJ_website16 logo

Love this photo session and you want to do one with me? Contact me! My website, with more pictures and pricing information is located here, or drop me an email at xine.lindsay@gmail.com

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