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Yes, Harry Potter

I feel like this should go without saying but, I am obsessed with Harry Potter. In my quest to show couples out there that you can pair a bit of geek with a lot of class, I conceived this engagement session. I paired with Lauren from Toast from the Host, who made my ideas come to life in the coolest of ways!

The Details

The save the dates couldn’t have been more perfect–I know the catcher/keeper verbiage is seen a lot, but paired with hand written calligraphy breathes new life into it. In fact everything is hand drawn, including the snitch! Megan from Megan Marie Calligraphy is insanely talented, I can’t even draw stick figures and she is making my Harry Potter dreams come true! And yes, the paper is ripped artistically and fringed in gold.

Harry Potter engagements

Next, because I am obsessed with macrons, those needed to be included. Wink by Erica put some metallic illustrations on the macrons and they instantly became Harry Potter-esque but in a cool, classy way. To not be too overt, colors other than the four houses were used. I wanted to keep it more neutral. Paired with metallic paint, they look magical! *wink*

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Briscoe Manor is located in Richmond Texas, on a large plot of land west of downtown Houston. The white stone on the outside is reminiscent of Ashton Gardens, but that’s where the similarities end. From the layout of the space, to the touches in every room in the venue, you can tell a lot of thought was put into making this venue an amazing place to get married. Already excited? Check them out!

Getting Ready

There are spaces for both the bride and groom to get ready in, and they are thankfully not remotely close to each other. The space for the bride is large with tons of natural light flooding into it–which is what you want! Lots of natural light means great makeup and pictures. There are tons of mirrors, comfortable seating in a room with high ceilings made of beautiful dark wood. If I were a bride, this space would make me feel both comfortable and pampered.

Briscoe Manor

For the guys, they are in a different part of the venue, and Briscoe Manor calls it the groom’s lounge. It has individual lockers for each guy, a pool table and a TV. Basically it is the perfect place for the guys to get ready. This room is on an upper level, close to the reception hall, with no windows. But it is nice and large, and is close to the bar!

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Engagement SessionTwo weeks ago I wrote a guide to help women with what to wear for their engagement session, today it’s all about the men. Men sometimes get forgotten or are an after thought. I don’t like that. Men make up the feel of an image just as much as a woman does. Sure they don’t typically have long hair to get styled but they still need to look good, and feel good going into the pictures.

Get Dressy

Living in the south, specifically in Texas, people own farms or grew up on one. There is this natural instinct from the guy to wear jeans in these pictures. If I am being honest here, jeans are too casual for engagement pictures. So swap out those jeans you love for well tailored gray or navy slacks. And if you are feeling frisky, get the jacket that goes with it. Looking well maintained in your engagement pictures will translate handsomely to your images.


In the Houston heat, this is one of my least favored pieces of advice, but trust me, it looks so good! Fellas, I would invest in a blazer, vest or jacket to pair with your shirt. It gives you several different looks for the camera and just looks well put together. If you have ever been in a department store and seen those mannequins with several layers, then you know know what I am talking about. So while you are out buying this new gray or navy slacks, also pick up a blazer or vest at the same time. View full post »

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Amazing wedding photographyAmazing wedding pictures don’t just happen, there are small things that go into the images to help take them to the next level. And you know what? None of my top five tips have anything to do with working out or changing the shape of your body. Nope, the things I consider to be most important are small things to take into consideration. While working out and eating healthy is important, let’s focus on appreciating who you are and loving the body you’re in.

Practice Smiling with Your Eyes

I honestly prefer images where the bride and groom aren’t smiling. But this doesn’t mean they are glaring at the camera lens. No, it’s when the image doesn’t have a smile but the eyes, they are talking. Tyra Banks calls it “smising”, or smiling with your eyes. Since I am a nerd, I usually coach my clients to think about a happy thought, like they are Harry Potter, defending themselves against a dementor. It has become a “thing” at sessions, and it makes my clients laugh once they figure out what I am talking about! Also, keeping a smile in your eyes means your face won’t go limp–one of the reasons why people look like they have resting bitch face. So now you know! When a photographer asks you to not smile with your mouth, engage your eyes and think happy thoughts! Your images will look amazing! View full post »

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I have had the pleasure of photographing a few weddings at Ashton Gardens West. I remember the first time I drove up I was blown away by its exterior and then further impressed when I walked into the chapel, I understood right away why this venue had such an appeal. As someone who is still mostly a newly-wed, I see the appeal of not only its aesthetics, but the fact that you can have your entire wedding here, from getting ready to the reception. I am a person who likes everything in one place, so Ashton Gardens works on all levels for me.

Ashton Gardens wedding


The exterior of the chapel is white brick and gorgeous wood doors. As you walk in all you see are windows. The chapel is flooded with light and nature, with windows surrounding the the area where the couple will say “I do”. The pews are a nice white with brown trim, basically a photographers dream for bouncing light! It is also a nice neutral pallet for a florist and designer to work with. Plus there is an upper area to capture pictures of the ceremony from a different vantage point.

Ashton Gardens chapel

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