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Houston engagement photographerEngagement pictures are the perfect time for you and your partner to show off your connection and uniqueness. Everyone has a love story, but more than that, you have special reasons why you have stayed together. Mine? Robert and I loved Survivor {the TV show}. and from there we jumped into other shows and movies. We are both competitive and silly and that has helped us keep our spark alive. In fact I talk about our love story a lot on my Instagram, you should check it out.


First rule of thumb for your engagement session: do not match 100%. Nothing screams 1985 than wearing white shirts and blue jeans in an effort to coordinate. Unless you are doing this as a sarcastic gesture, and in that case, may I suggest a button down white shirt? But in all seriousness, coordinating is the key. Start with yourself, and choose colors that make you feel good about yourself. An excellent rule of thumb is to not go too bright, as you want the focus to be on you and your partner. Instead wear softer shades of your favorite color and pair it with some neutrals. It will look soft and romantic. If you do want to have a pop of color, I encourage it with the shoes and accessories {or props!} View full post »

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First Look Houston wedding photographerWhat exactly is a first look? Even though these are happening more frequently, there is still some confusion out there as to what exactly is a first look and why it is important. I do need to preface this that as a photographer I am biased towards giving you as much as possible to having a ton of time for photos on your wedding day. In the end, this is your wedding day, so you should what you want and not feel swayed to do anything you don’t want to do.

What is a First Look?

A first look is having the bride and groom get together before the ceremony to see each other. It is typically done with the photographer there, to capture the initial reaction of both the bride and the groom, plus a chance for their picture to be taken together without anyone else there. It is usually the calm before the storm.

So why do I like them so much and recommend them? Here are five things to consider: View full post »

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Another familiar face for the third part of the Christmas minis! Emily, Andy, their precocious daughter and newly minted son Lou! Olivia was her typical rambunctious self, jumping around and singing to herself. I feel she might have a future in show business!

I love photographing this family because they are totally game for anything. Cute pose? Yup! Funny faces? You got it! A little bit of dancing? Why not! It makes for the best pictures.

christmas minis

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Houston wedding photographerSecond Photographer?

On your wedding day, a ton is happening. You have hired a ton of people to help you throw the best party of your life. There are a lot of wheels in motion and time is passing at near warp speed. As the day unfolds it is normal for something to fall behind, go awry or generally be a fly in the ointment. Sometimes hair and makeup takes much longer than anticipated. Flowers are late. A bridal party member is missing. It happens. Some of these events delay your photographer, and thus they fall behind with you. Thus leading to why you should want to get a photography package with a second photographer included in it.

Schedule Craziness

As I mentioned above, there is a high chance your schedule will not go according to plan on your wedding day. This can throw scheduled picture taking time out the window. Having a second photographer to work specifically with the men, to get group and individual shots helps alleviate the time crunch with the main photographer. The same can be said for after the ceremony, while the main photographer is photographing the couple and the entire wedding party, the second photographer can be taking pictures of guests having a drink, details of the reception table, dessert table, etc. That extra person means extra amazing images! View full post »

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