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Part 2 of the Christmas mini’s! I distinctly remember the twins bounding down the lane, as Eileen carefully followed in her high heeled boots. Thankfully she had her husband and son {who is almost a teenager!} following the twins. I remember giggling at their perfect outfits, one saying “Naughty” the other “Nice”. It was even cuter in person.

They enjoyed the hot chocolate and cookies, but more so, they loved playing and picking up tons of rocks. As I took pictures of Eileen and Blake, I had to do so strategically as the twins would roam into the shots. We had a great time!

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houston wedding photographer c wright photography swish and flick how to guideSoul-mate photographer, you ask? Is this even possible without spending a million dollars? Yes yes yes! I have to confess I hired a wedding photographer for my wedding who I loved creatively but I don’t think she fully “got” Robert and I as a couple. Had I followed some of these rules I might have gone in another direction or approached the day differently. And that’s not to say I dislike my wedding images, they are ahhhmazing! I am just saying they could have been even better had we gotten to soul-mate level.

Price vs Quality

The first thing that happens when you start looking for a photographer is you try to find a photographer whose images you love and fall within the budget you have {hopefully} established. A budget you hopefully didn’t get from The Knot, as their cookie-cutter budgets don’t take into account people’s priorities. They said I should only spend $80 on a hotel room with a $14,000 budget, which is unrealistic. I am now off-topic!!

H’ok. So you have loosely created your budget and are trying to find a photographer that fits within there that has images the speak to you. My best advice is to figure out what kinds of wedding images speak to you. Are they dark and moody? Light and airy? Bright and colorful? This will be the best jumping off point for you to start Google searching photographers in your area. You can also go to sites like Style me Pretty, Borrowed n Blue or Wedding Chicks and look up local photographers. If these photographers are featured there you will get a good gauge on their style.

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Christmas was less than a month ago {yay because uhhh I still have decorations up in the house}. This year I had them at Little G Farm as they have an awesome fence and a driveway that won’t quit! I had them styled with blankets, cute signs, hot cocoa and cookies. Thank you to Gracefully Sassy for the styling. Thank you to Good Gosh Ganache and Okie Doughkie!

The Winigers

Their son shyly said hi to me as we met, so I spent a few minutes asking him questions and finding out what he loved. That was the secret sauce! From there we were best buds during the session. They all loved the cookies and hot cocoa. It all created adorable moments!

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Engagement session tipsYour engagement session is a great way to bring your love story to life! Like Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, your relationship might not have happened right away, but there was alway a spark. Your engagement pictures area great way to incorporate your passion for each other and the things that brought you together. For our engagement session, you bet your bottom my husband and I incorporated some Survivor elements into it {that was how we met, online, on a website devoted to the TV show Survivor}. Telling your story and looking awesome are just a few of the things to think about for your engagement session.


When deciding on your location you have tons of options. You can use a blank slate, like a park to tell your story. You can choose a restaurant or location that is important to your relationship. Where did you go on your first date? Do you both love ice cream or coffee? All of those places are great choices for great pictures that can capture your personalities. If you are a more rustic couple, pictures at a barn or open field could work like a charm. Movie buffs? What about a movie theatre? Book lovers? A library would be an awesome choice. Comic books your thing? A comic book store to start and ending at a coffee shop while reading your favorite volumes would epic! The world is your oyseter and your shoot can be anything you want it to be.

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Houston wedding photographerWith a vast amount of couples recently getting engaged and jumping into wedding planning, this how to guide is here to help you navigate hiring your vendors. You are essentially planning a big party, with a lot of people contributing to it. It can be overwhelming, and more times than I care to admit, I have heard horror stories about everything to florists, to bakers, DJs and venues to {gasp!} photographers. You don’t want that to be you!To help you make the best decisions possible, here are a few tips from my experience both as a bride and as an industry professional.


Have one!

Promise me now, you will not hire any vendor without signing a contract. A contract you have read and understand. This piece of paper isn’t there to just protect the business owner; it’s there to protect you too. It sets the expectations for both parties to come together and do business. The wedding industry is made up mainly of self-employed individuals, and if you know the ‘right’ person, you might get a great discount {yay you!}, but don’t hire them if there isn’t even a whisper of a contract. That contract holds them accountable for their services to you and outlines payment, among other things.

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