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Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day

On Canada Day, as a Canadian, I felt it was important write about my favorite things about Canada. Especially since this year Canada turns 150! There are so many things I could write about, from my favorite celebrities, food places, cities or national parks. To be succinct, below are my top 5 things about Canada!

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5. Maple Syrup

When growing up in Canada, a favorite topping and flavor is maple syrup. In school we would do field trips in the early spring to syrup farms to see the trees being tapped, the sap being boiled, and having the syrup dripped on snow for us to eat. Have you ever had maple candies? It’s maple syrup in crystalized form and is amazing! Heard about maple butter? Imagine syrup in butter and then spreading it on pancakes or toast. Yes. This was my childhood and it is completely Canadian!

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4. Tim Horton’s

There is truly nothing more Canadian than Tim Horton’s. Every visit back to Canada, I make it a point to have a coffee and a donut there. I never knew, until I moved to Houston, that people didn’t know what a double-double is–something I would order all the time at Timmies. In case you don’t know, that’s a coffee with two creams, two sugars.

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I also love Tim Horton’s maple donuts and the fun donuts they make throughout the year. Two Christmas’ ago? They even had ugly sweater cups that they served their coffee in, and it was the best!!

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3. Muskoka Cottage Country

4 hours outside of Toronto is gorgeous cottage country, where you can rent or own a cottage in the woods, on a lake. It is tradition to go there in the summer & long weekends. My father grew up in a family that owned a cottage there, and the tales he would tell of him and his friends partying up there were legend. Although my family did not own a cottage, we were lucky enough to have family friends that would invite us out to theirs. It was a week of fun, some manual labor and sitting on the deck reading in the sun. The lake was clean and we swam all the time. In the evening the loons would come out and call, while we made s’mores. Seriously some of my favorite times growing up were there.

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2. Anne of Green Gables

As part of a family of voracious readers, I latched onto the Anne series early. I loved this snapshot in time, the heroine and her family. And when the TV series was made with Megan Follows, it was something we would watch…on our VCR! My favorite book in the series isn’t as well loved–Rilla of Ingleside, a story of Anne’s daughter during World War I. It captured the terror of the war, seeing those she loved go off to Europe and the terrible waiting to see if one of them died. These books make me want to visit Prince Edward Island, where the stories take place. My mom was born there, and is a tiny gorgeous province.

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1. Kelly’s Bake Shop

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that when I visit my family and friends, the first thing I do after getting into Burlington, is to go to Kelly’s. They are a gluten free, vegan bakeshop. Their cupcakes are amazing, perfectly decorated and a nice treat. They also sell mile-high brownies, donuts, snickerdoodles, and basically happiness! Plus the shop is adorably decorated.

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In honor of Canada Day, here are some fun pictures of vanilla cupcakes with maple buttercream that I made with my good friend Jennifer from Good Gosh Ganache! We also used sprinkles from Sprinkle Pop for some fun! Delicious fun!!

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