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Hurried Hostess Retreat on Lake Travis

Why a Retreat?

It has been a very full year and I knew in July I needed to get away and go on a retreat, or something, just to get out of my own head. It has been a wonderful year, I have been blessed beyond measure. I also have been working non-stop and have been burning the candle at both ends! A retreat was needed. I was so happy Stacy from Hurried Hostess put this on in Lake Travis, as all I did was relax, sleep, drink a little and reflect.

Stacy is this ridiculously talented person, with an attention to detail that blows me away. Her blog is for busy women who still want to bring a bit of elegance to their meals. Her goal is to use items that you would naturally find around your house. So she just helps you take you to the next level!

The view was ahhhmazing!

The stairs were not. I had to take breaks!!! #outofshape

Arrival Party

When I arrived Stacy had everything set up, and it looked literally like a dream! Delicious food spreads, decorative drinks with cotton candy in them {that’s right!} and so so so much pretty. Honestly it was the perfect greeting for me. I instantly relaxed, took copious amounts of pictures and had a drink!

And in case you are curious–the cotton candy was provided byLauren of Twirl Cotton Candy and the bar cart of drink design was master planned by Toast from the Host. She has mad skills everyone.

After the welcome party, and us finding our beds, we went to dinner at the Oasis and got to watch the sun set on Lake Travis. It was gorgeous. I drank. I became super relaxed ha ha

Pasta Making

The next day we did a fun pasta making class. I tried to make spaghetti and I totally failed, but when I made linguine, I did great! Catrina, who runs Root and Restore, also wrote the word pasta in the flour to give us more pretty images.

The dinner itself was beyond gorgeous and it tasted like heaven. First off, the table. Let’s discuss how I want a greenery table runner at all my dinners for forever. And the bread? It was more than I eat in a week and you bet your ass I ate the entire thing! Stacy made the herb combination for the oil and herd dip, and I just went crazy on it. And the pasta was simple and delicious–a marinara sauce with a side of green beans. And the macron for dessert? I may have eaten it before taking a picture. It tasted like happiness…and sugar.

Root & Restore

So above and beyond the food and relaxing, was a workshop mixed in to help creatives like me work through things like the imposter syndrome, run by Root & Restore. With so many big changes happening in my business this year, things that seemed to be happening at a faster pace than I expected, I was struggling with keeping up emotionally. So I worked on some things with Catrina. I bonded with the other women there. We all laughed over how we felt the same way about our struggles, about how social media makes everyone seem perfect. I had an epiphany or two! Thus, it was really well done and I enjoyed every minute of really working through some of the things {like being published in Cosmo} that happened to me this year that fell outside my comfort zone. Catrina is invested in making sure everyone walks away feeling like they are enough, regardless of what their background is.


After a night of great eating and an early bed time, the next morning’s brunch/send-off was as delicious as it was gorgeous. I don’t know what was in that biscuit egg casserole, probably crack, but I had three servings of it!! Combine that with my signature cinnamon coffee, and I was good to go. We even had a brunch macron for dessert!

Hurried Hostess Retreat

Overall, I had a great time and I wish it had been longer. I also wish that there was an escalator because those stairs to and from the car were the worst! I have since been back to crossfit three times since climbing those, because I felt so out of shape. But if anyone were interested in going and didn’t, this is your sign–you need to go to the next one.

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