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San Diego Comic Con 2017

San Diego Comic Con 2017 = EPIC

Hired to photograph cosplayers at the San Diego comic con this year, I had front row access to a ton of nerdy delights! And after attending this year’s San Diego comic con, I walked away with even more passion for all the new nerdy things coming out this year and next! All the trailers were amazing, and I am hopeful that for 2018 I will be in Hall H for some of these. Especially considering that there will be {hopefully} a Fantastic beasts panel.

Onto the greatness though! Here are the most anticipated, well-loved shows and movies that had epic trailers at San Diego comic con:

TV Shows

The Defenders

I have to confess, I am not caught up with Iron Fist nor Luke Cage {I am currently rectifying this}. That being said, the trailer for the show looks amazing. It feels gritty, uncomfortable, evil and fun. Plus, it seems like it fits perfectly with the other shows, and ties everything together. What more could you ask for? I also love how they tapped Sigourney Weaver to be the mastermind behind the evil in the show, love me a strong, badass woman!!


If you know me, you know I love the X-Men world. This trailer feels like it fits perfectly in this world. Also, I freakin love the cast!! Can we discuss Angel alumni Amy Acker having a starring role in this show? My Buffy loving heart is singing knowing I get to see her on the regular now! Also, I love the powers her kids have in the trailer. All the yes!


Riverdale was my favorite new tv show from last year, hands down. And I loved quite a few new tv shows, but this show? Eclipsed every single one of them. I listen to the soundtrack on the regular, and am just in love with the cinematography. Also, the cast and storyline are just on point. Every single aspect of this show has intense attention to detail, and it shows. Bring me season two already!!!!

Stranger Things

Word on the street this season is darker than season one, and to that I say: “BRING IT”. Will is back, but is he ok? There are new characters, Eleven is hinted at and the Ghostbusters Halloween costumes? Just, be still my 80’s loving heart! It looks like the same attention to detail has been paid, and October 27th just cannot come fast enough. Excuse me, while I go dance to Thriller…


Ready Player One

I hadn’t heard a thing about this movie before the trailer premiered, which honestly isn’t surprising considering I haven’t been as passionate about keeping on top of fantasy movies the way I used to. On paper, this movie looks like a winner, a great writer and director {Spielberg} and an innovative concept that feels almost like Tron. The 80’s references speak to my heart, and the ending song lured me in. Yup, I am a sucker for anything 1980’s!!


Let’s discuss how great this movie looks. I love the cast! Seriously, a badass female villain played by Cate Blanchet? All the yes! Jeff Goldbloom as a ring master? Epic! Loki, Hulk and more. Oh and so so so many 80’s references, my heart exploded. Bet your ass I will be there opening night!!

Justice League

After Wonder Woman, and with the changes of director to Joss Whedon, I am feeling a bit more optimistic about where this movie is going. Plus Ezra Miller as the Flash? Yes, yes, yes! YES! He steals every moment in every movie I have ever watched, and I am not mad about that. He has hilarious lines in the trailers and that kind of humor has been sorely lacking from this franchise. I am so glad they are going in this direction. Plus, of course, Wonder Woman looks badass, as usual. If I am getting my hopes too far up, I own it. Maybe Warner Brothers needs to have women direct their DC Universe movies, Patty Jenkins sure as fuck knocking it out of the park. Maybe it’s time to have a woman at the helm for all of it.

What are you most excited for?? Was there a trailer I missed that you feel I overlooked? Sharing is caring!


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