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Top 5 Things from Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Anyone not seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yet? I am sure there are people out there, even reading this, and I am sad for you. I am also letting you know that spoilers lie ahead. Ready big, super important spoilers. So go away if you haven’t seen the movie. This space is for those of us who have seen it and want to reminisce over the awesomeness that was the movie.Houston wedding photographer

5. Introduction

The first scene in the movie set the tone for the entire film. It was like a huge welcoming hug for the audience. Hearing about Drax’s sensitive nipples? Yes please. Watching them fight a gross monster? Of course! But the best? Groot. Just, right out of the gate, we establish the tone of Groot as a kid. He doesn’t listen to anyone, loves music and is whimsical. Plus it is to great music and it is just a fun, fun scene. Watching Groot dance to ELO, doing his own thing, while everyone else is fighting is just an amazing moment. But seeing every character check in with him as he dances? Priceless!

4. Mantis & Drax

This movie introduced a new character: Mantis. She is socially awkward and quirky, someone who Drax easily bonds with. The first scene they are in together, when Mantis touches Drax and they both laugh at Peter? So great. That moment instilled the great timing between the two. And although it was a bit mean, Drax’s perception that Mantis is hideous is also equally funny. It is confounding that he finds her disgusting, but I love seeing them turn into a brother/sister duo. The moment when she cries as she feels his pain when discussing his wife and daughter was a huge moment in the film.

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Special shout out to Drax in general though! He has sensitive nipples, famously large poops and basically stole every scene he was in. A huge departure from the first film, and it paid off big time.

3. Anyone got Tape??

Rocket continued to be as good as the original, no doubt about that. From his inability to wink, to being called a trash panda, he made for a ton of comedic moments. But the best? Him trying to explain to Groot how to set off an explosion while not killing everyone. The elaborate scene, where Rocket asks Peter to get tape, while being attacked, is pure perfection! I love how Peter, which risking his life and fighting, searches for tape for Rocket. For me it was one of the best scenes of the movie. Also Groot running off with the device is priceless!

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2. Yondu’s ending

Guys, if you didn’t cry when Yondu sacrificed himself for Peter, then you sir/madame, do not have a soul. The tears started when he uttered the now infamous line “He may have been your father, boy, but he ain’t your daddy”. But then the Ravager’s arrived for the funeral and gave him a traditional Ravager funeral. Guys, I was a mess. In fact I might be tearing up writing this. The fact that this movie can make me laugh until I pee, and then make me cry this hard, that’s the sign of a great movie.



Whether it’s Groot dancing to Peter’s music, looking for Yondu’s fin or simply not fitting into a seat, he stole every scene. In fact, I kind of wish Groot was real because I would have one. The important part about Groot is that he illustrates how this rag tag group is a family. He is the kid who every character looks out for and cares for. He shows a lot of emotion, from being cuddly when he’s tired, to a full-on toddler tantrum. It was almost hard to watch Groot get hurt by the rebel Ravagers, but then it was cute to see him walking around drenched and pissed. He’s just so cute!! In the end, even though there were a ton of great moments in the film, Groot still steals the show. And I want one. Can someone get me a Groot??


Shout out: As a special mention, the moment when Yondu declared himself Marry Poppins, the entire theatre collapsed in laughter! I will never look at Mary Poppins the same way again! So anyone seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yet? Share with me your favorite scenes, moments or characters!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2


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